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CYA Basketball Boys League Administrators - Spring 2018  
Grade   League Admin Cell Email
3   Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463
4   Scott Madsen 703-926-6266 stmad1@gmail.com
5   Danny Rumford 703-597-5902 dannyrumford@gmail.com
6   Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463 ddschuhan@aol.com
7   Josh Taylor  571-351-7199
8   Barry Culman 571-228-7595 bculman@usa.net
9   JP Prochazka 703-867-3972 jprochazka@gmail.com
10   Cathy Awad 703-674-9463 cawad@cox.net
11   Doug Hall 703-597-3745 dwhall2@aol.com
12   Scott Madsen 703-926-6266 stmad1@gmail.com
CYA Basketball Girls League Administrators - Spring 2018  
Grade   League Admin Cell Email
 3rd/4th    Charlie Zimmerman 301-996-9445 cjzimm76@gmail.com
 5th/6th   Sarah Riccardi 703-505-3217
 7th/8th   Shannon Gibbs 703-994-2353
9th/10th   Rick Shryock 703-963-5430
11th/12th   Rick Shryock 703-963-5430
Chairman   Rick Shryock 703-963-5430 basketball@chantillyyouth.org
Director of Operations   Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463
Registrar   Cindy Aune 703-597-1707 registrar@chantillyyouth.org
Boys Commissioner   Dale Howell 571-435-9647 DelbertDLH@hotmail.com
Girls Commissioner   Lee Cooper 703-407-5298
Deputy Girls Commissioner   Meaghan Acocella 571-337-8040
Ref Coordinator   Monica Despins 703-283-3794 despinsm@yahoo.com
Sportsmanship   Rein Kiewel 703-346-6092 rien.kiewel@verizon.net
Quartermaster   Dale Howell 571-435-9647 DelbertDLH@hotmail.com
Scheduler   Paul Jones 703-622-0586 jones_e_paul@yahoo.com
Special Events   Scott Madsen 703-926-6266 stmad1@gmail.com
Web Master   JP Prochazka 703-867-3972
Social Media    Sarah Riccardi 703-505-3217
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CYA and Evolution Basketball
by posted 09/27/2017

"CYA is proud to partner with Evolution Basketball Training in the development of the players within our great league!  Evolution’s programs are a perfect fit for all player whether you’re just getting started with the game or if you’re preparing for a Varsity season and College scholarship.  They currently have facilities located in Fairfax and Ashburn with a Chantilly location coming in the future!  To see all they have to offer please visit their website at www.evobball.com
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