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Championship Games Spring 2017
by posted 06/12/2017


   For the spring 2017 championship games: Congratulations to all those that participated in the Spring League Season and to those that played in the divison championships.   

   3rd grade boys Jones over Acocella  25-24

   4th grade boys Braxton over Elder  40-21

   5th grade boys Whiteman over Keay 37-30

   6th grade boys Brennan over Rizzi 47-19

   7th grade boys Jennings over Evans 48-47

   8th grade boys Lewe over Litman 67-55

   9th grade boys Thomas over Wang 44-37

   10th grade boys Imperial over Eisler 57-47

   11th grade boys Cage over Hoyt 59-56

   12th grade boys Dschuhan over Mahony 57-49

   3/4th grade girls Zeberlein over Coy 17-10

   5/6th grade girls Avinder over J. Schloss 32-16

   7/8th grade girls Taxali over Bernhard 29-27

   9/12th grade girls Shryock over J. Schloss 54-40

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