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by posted 03/15/2018


CYA Basketball Boys League Administrators - Spring 2018  
Grade   League Admin Cell Email
3   Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463
4   Scott Madsen 703-926-6266 stmad1@gmail.com
5   Danny Rumford 703-597-5902 dannyrumford@gmail.com
6   Jason Rosensweig 703-798-4982 rosensweigj@gmail.com
7   Josh Taylor  571-351-7199
8   Barry Culman 571-228-7595 bculman@usa.net
9   JP Prochazka 703-867-3972 jprochazka@gmail.com
10   Cathy Awad 703-674-9463 cawad@cox.net
11   Doug Hall 703-597-3745 dwhall2@aol.com
12   Scott Madsen 703-926-6266 stmad1@gmail.com
CYA Basketball Girls League Administrators - Spring 2018  
Grade   League Admin Cell Email
 3rd/4th    Charlie Zimmerman 301-996-9445 cjzimm76@gmail.com
 5th/6th   Sarah Riccardi 703-505-3217
 7th/8th   Shannon Gibbs 703-994-2353
9th/10th   Rick Shryock 703-963-5430
11th/12th   Rick Shryock 703-963-5430
Chairman   Rick Shryock 703-963-5430 basketball@chantillyyouth.org
Director of Operations   Dan Dschuhan 571-268-0463
Registrar   Cindy Aune 703-597-1707 registrar@chantillyyouth.org
Boys Commissioner   Dale Howell 571-435-9647 DelbertDLH@hotmail.com
Girls Commissioner   Lee Cooper 703-407-5298
Deputy Girls Commissioner   Meaghan Acocella 571-337-8040
Ref Coordinator   Monica Despins 703-283-3794 despinsm@yahoo.com
Sportsmanship   Rein Kiewel 703-346-6092 rien.kiewel@verizon.net
Quartermaster   Dale Howell 571-435-9647 DelbertDLH@hotmail.com
Scheduler   Paul Jones 703-622-0586 jones_e_paul@yahoo.com
Special Events   Scott Madsen 703-926-6266 stmad1@gmail.com
Web Master   JP Prochazka 703-867-3972
Social Media    Sarah Riccardi 703-505-3217
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Spring 2018 Basketball Program Summary
by posted 01/04/2018


Online registration for the CYA Spring House Basketball Program is scheduled to begin on 3 January 2017. CYA’s house program is open to all applicants in grades 3-12 regardless of skill level or place of residence. Those who participated in the Winter travel program or played for their High School teams this Winter are eligible to participate in this Spring house program. The Spring program is open to all those of eligible grade-level regardless of whether they have participated in CYA Basketball in the past; Fairfax County residence is not required. Due to space limitations, 1st and 2nd graders are not eligible (no age exceptions will be allowed for 1st and 2nd graders).

Most leagues in grades 3-8 have a weeknight practice and a weekend game for the first few weeks and then go to a weeknight game and weekend game for the remainder of the season. High school aged players have a single pre-season practice then go straight to games only (weeknight and weekend games). Games are expected to start the weekend of April 6-7 and finish the weekend of June 9-10.

Registration fees for the House program are $170.00 for grades 3-8 and $185.00 for grades 9-12. Incorporated into these registration fees is a $20 CYA administrative fee, a $10 fee for the CYA indoor facilities capital improvement fund, and the $8 Fairfax County user fee (to repeat, these fees are included in the registration fees listed above). Non-county residents pay an additional $30.00 as the Fairfax County user fee for non-residents is $38.00. For the AAU registration fees, see below. A $25 late fee will be applied beginning 1 March.
You can register for CYA Spring 2017 House Basketball and be assured placement on a team until March 18th. Beginning March 19th, registrations will be accepted only if space still exists at the grade level in which you are registering (for example, 5th grade boys). All others will be placed on a Wait List and only placed on a team if space opens up prior to the start of the season. 

All grades will be in need of coaches for the spring league.  Please volunteer if you have one hour during the week and one to two hours on the weekend.  You can register at www.chantillyyouth.org.  Coaching can be a rewarding experience for you and your child, relative, or friend. 

Skills assessments for grades 3-8 boys and girls are expected to take place in late March. As soon as each league is scheduled for their assessments, a notice will be sent out to registrants stating time and place. Coaches grades 3-12, boys and girls, should select their teams in a draft process at the end of March.

Please note that we cannot tell you when and where your child's games and practices will be held until after the teams are selected in late March. All registration questions should be directed to the CYA registrar, Cindy Aune, at registrar@chantillyyouth.org or 703-597-1707. For more information, see the Frequency Asked Questions page or send an email to the registrar (Cindy Aune) at registrar@chantillyyouth.org.



While there is no Travel program in the Spring, CYA does have an AAU program for both boys (grades 5-10) and girls (grades 5-11). These players pay an average $365 base registration fee (part of which is allocated to tournament fees) and then a supplemental fee depending on how many AAU tournaments they participate in and the cost of those tournaments. They are also required to purchase their uniforms. Players on these teams practice twice a week and play in up to 6  local tournaments over the course of the AAU season.
Tryouts for both the boys and girls 2017 programs will take place in late February to early March.

The coordinator for the AAU girls program is Craig Ballam (sports@theballams.name) and the acting coordinator for the boys program is Phil Reed (phil.reed@gmail.com). Check the CYA Scheduling website (http://cyabasketball.assn.la) for the tryout dates. If you are interested in coaching an AAU team, please contact Craig Ballam or Phil Reed

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CYA and Evolution Basketball
by posted 09/27/2017

"CYA is proud to partner with Evolution Basketball Training in the development of the players within our great league!  Evolution’s programs are a perfect fit for all player whether you’re just getting started with the game or if you’re preparing for a Varsity season and College scholarship.  They currently have facilities located in Fairfax and Ashburn with a Chantilly location coming in the future!  To see all they have to offer please visit their website at www.evobball.com
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